The Gala Games Node Ecosystem

The Gala Games Node Ecosystem Map:

This is the current view of the Gala Game Node Ecosystem that Gala Games is working to develop
  • Gala Games: Gala Games, as an entity, provides curatorial and maintenance services to the decentralized network. This includes helping to integrate game studios into the Gala Games Network, updating the node software, maintaining best practices in development, and helping the community grow the network through their marketing efforts.
  • The Game Development Studios: Studios that publish content on the Gala Games Network are able to release NFTs using the Gala Games protocols and tool kits currently under development. It is our goal to make it easy for any company to quickly and easily add their game to the Gala Games Ecosystem with toolkits to produce standardized crypto packages, NFT libraries, and wallets to be integrated into their games. These studios are approved by a majority vote of the Gala Games Full Node holders (both “Founder’s Nodes” and “Paid” nodes…more on these later). These Game Studios will be granted “Game License” NFTs by the Gala Games Ecosystem that will give them access to the Gala Games Ecosystem.
  • The Governance-Based Random Distribution Algo: This part of the Ecosystem is responsible for distributing NFT rewards to the node network. This part of the ecosystem is very much under development and still being discussed internally. While it will initially be a random distribution, the Gala Games team is aware that the Community of Node Owners has a range of thoughts about how this system could be implemented. More information will be released on this in the near future once thoughts and technological research reaches a more rigorous level.
  • Public Database (DB) with Easy-to-Access Endpoints: The Gala Games Node Ecosystem will depend on the work of a whole community of developers who are willing to put their time into growing a decentralized ecosystem. The Gala Games Community has seen this already with, which was developed outside of the Gala Games team, but the easier it is for developers to run analytics and audits on the Gala Games Ecosystem, the better. Central to this effort will be the creation of a publicly accessible database with easy-to-access endpoints.
  • The Treasure Chest: This is currently available inside of your account, and it is where GALA and NFT rewards collect. This is a critical piece of decentralization. The treasure chest makes it easier for people to control their own GALA and NFTs, and ensures that the system will remain robust and decentralized in the future.
  • The Gala Games Triple-Proof Node System: This deserves a whole section of its own, so keep reading below to understand exactly how the Gala Games Triple-Proof Node System can fundamentally redefine how gamers, game development companies, and the Gala Game Ecosystem interact by radically increasing decentralization.



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