Reminder: Gala Games Founder’s Nodes are Not Investments

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4 min readApr 9, 2021

As Gala Games continues to make big news and big waves in the blockchain space, more people each day are noticing the core component of our future decentralized network: The Gala Games Founder’s Node. Not only are we pioneering the gaming industry by empowering players to own their gameplay through NFTs, but we are creating a massive, decentralized system that will give even more control to some of our players by turning them into node operators.

Whether you have purchased a node license or are considering purchasing a node license, one of the most important things to remember is that you are not an investor in Gala Games. The node license is a product sold by Gala Games, and even though it comes with the ability to earn GALA tokens and NFTs as rewards for operation, there should be no expectation of profit or return. Node operators must be part of our ecosystem because they believe in our mission and our vision of empowering the world through play. A Gala Games node is not an investment. It spells this out very clearly in our Terms and Conditions:

“Ownership of a Gala App or Node or the use of Gala services does not represent or constitute any ownership right or stake, share or security, debt or equivalent right, or any right to receive any future revenue or form of participation in or relating to any blockchain or digital reward, including the Gala Blockchain or Gala Reward.” (Source: Terms and Conditions)

With that said, on to the rest of this post.

The Bad Habits

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are a couple bad habits that have unfortunately become prevalent among the masses of newcomers who find their way to this world each day. One of these bad habits (perhaps the worst) is lack of research. Many have decided that how fast they spend their money is more important than understanding what they’re spending it on. It is especially crucial in this space (which is crawling with deceptions, tricks and scams) to fully research any projects you wish to support or coins you’re thinking about purchasing.

How much research is enough? Simple. Once you fully understand something, you have done enough research, but only until tomorrow. With the breakneck rate at which companies in blockchain and crypto make new developments and innovations, there is always continuing education to be done. This means that the important act of doing your own research never actually ends.

Another bad habit that must be avoided is expectations. As they have watched some lucky people in the cryptocurrency space become unreasonably rich very quickly, many have decided that they can expect the same for themselves by following a similar path. Still worse, some of these people have learned to feel entitled to piles of riches or exorbitant returns, even to the point of becoming frustrated and resentful of the project that failed to deliver in their eyes. These expectations have no place in responsible decision-making when it comes to your hard-earned money, and they can prove toxic when allowed to influence your spending choices.

What is a Node?

A node license is not an investment, nor is running one some kind of miracle money machine. If you are considering purchasing a node license with these expectations, we at Gala Games urge you to reconsider. A Gala Games node is many things, but an “investment” is not one of them.

A Node is a contribution. In the same way that a crowdfund provides crucial financial support to aspiring projects and companies, purchases of node licenses are helping to fund the bright future of the Gala Games ecosystem.

A node is a commitment. Those who choose to run Founder’s Nodes with Gala Games are committing to being part of our ecosystem for years to come, not only to receive rewards, but to play an important role in the governance and directions of the company.

A node is a responsibility. Nodes require care, maintenance and attention. They must be run according to the terms provided by the company in order to earn the rewards offered, and Gala Games reserves the right to change those terms for any reason at their discretion.

To our Community

We love our community and we recognize that we could never be such a success without the power and support you constantly bring to Gala Games. We mean to reward your support however we are able, and we hope each and every one of you (node operator or not) will play your part as an important member of this ecosystem.

We would like to encourage all of you to spread the ideas expressed in this article. Please do not encourage people to invest in Gala Games, but to support us. If someone approaches you with expectations or questions about ROI and investments, please make it clear that none of the products sold by Gala Games are investments in Gala Games.

We are building a vast and powerful ecosystem of supporters from the ground up. The intentions and goals of each of these supporters are important to us, and we look forward to a beautiful future whose abundance we can all share.

Thank you to the entire Gala Games ecosystem.

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