Node Governance Vote Going Live for Referral Rewards (part 3/4)

After running for the last 24 hours, it is clear that the majority of the nodes who have voted in this last governance vote have elected to maintain some semblance of rewards for one-time referrals. Slightly over 71% elected to make the one-time reward >0. Furthermore, as of writing, 2781 votes (47.5% of the votes cast) elected to leave the structure as it is, with a one-time referral bonus of 10 points. This number will be integrated into the next major node release in January.

For the next 24 hours, the following vote will be active on the node network:

Question: How much of an ongoing referral bonus do you believe is fair for referring a node purchaser to the Gala Node Ecosystem? (Note: these figures are expressed as a % of the rewards received by a node operator)

  • 0% — You get nothing extra for referring a new node operator
  • 5% — You get something, but less than the current structure
  • 10% — You receive a bonus in points which is similar to the current structure
  • 15% — You believe that ongoing referral bonuses are essential to growing the ecosystem

This is a very important question for the “one time referral bonus” structure.

Tomorrow, depending on the results of this vote, another vote may take place:

Question: If the node operators elect to continue the long-term ongoing referral bonuses, how many levels deep should this bonus extend?

So, get your nodes online and be ready to participate in the voting!




Leading the charge in giving players control of their assets and building play-to-earn ecosystems.

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Gala Games

Leading the charge in giving players control of their assets and building play-to-earn ecosystems.

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