Mirandus Monday: The Second Scroll

Gala Games
3 min readNov 24, 2020

Deep in the halls of the mountain king, the walls quiver as a low, deep moan reverberates through the stone. The Minotaur as been wakened from his slumber and waits on his throne! Just outside of his hall, a group of adventurers prepare to charge in amongst the torchlight and piles of gold when they notice a solitary figure stepping into the torchlight.

It is, of course, Leeroy Jenkins.

The Minotaur sits on his throne, challenged by the one man brave enough to confront him.

The reveal of the Monday Mirandus Minotaur reveals a key element of gameplay. Best stated by Game Master Michael McCarthy:

It is my intention to have dungeons and monsters in the world be “living”. They will fight and hunt and breed and sleep. Some monsters will prefer to be in caves or dungeons. Some roam the wild. Some have their own villages.

Walls will repel monsters. They will generally be afraid of them, but the more powerful the monster is the less afraid they’ll be. Same is true for the numbers of monsters. If their population grows large, they might get more bold and invade. If you go into a dungeon and “kick the hornets nest”, you might anger the Minotaur King. He won’t stay on his throne and cry about it. He will gather his troops and launch an attack.

If you don’t have a strong deed, I wouldn’t recommend throwing it up near a dungeon. One Leeroy Jenkins could bring down fire on a local hamlet.

What is being put together in Mirandus has never been attempted before. A deep simulation world in which the world itself is as much alive as the players. In which you, as a player character, have limitless choices in how you are going to proceed through the world, what you are going to do to earn your living, and how you are going to live.

The Deed of the Day

Last week, we released a new deed image and layout each day of the week:

This week, the first deed of the week is a step up into the rarified air of the nobility with the Village of the Baron!

Your “Home” in the Village of the Baron. Look out over your village from the top window! Don’t forget to collect the taxes!
The Village of the Baron is the first deed where a good number of the Medium-sized plots are available.

Michael McCarthy is hard at work building out what will become the limits of the World of Mirandus. Next Monday, at 9:00am PST, information on the next tier of shops will be released in a special Mirandus Monday announcement. At this time, a snapshot will also be taken of the existing Mirandus deeds, so that a portion of the existing shops can be released to the deed holders at a later date, as well as to the node network (once distribution resumes). If you would like to an opportunity to receive some of the shops that will be released into the world, make sure you have a deed by that time!

Concerning Citadels

There has been a LOT of speculation on exactly what a citadel will look like within the world of Mirandus. Each citadel will be custom designed and tailored to the needs and requirements of its owner, with specific buffs, advantages, and an aesthetic to match its owner. Is that you? Are you powerful enough to be a King?

There is a LOT more coming for Mirandus, so make sure to keep in touch, watch the Discord (http://galagames.chat) and get ready for more interesting news! Follow Gala Games on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or in our Discord!