Gala Games Welcomes: Craig Matchett

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2 min readFeb 16, 2021

Typically, we wouldn’t use an entire Mirandus Monday post to announce a new team addition, but we felt that given the pedigree of the new Senior 3d Artist for Mirandus, he probably warranted a post all on his own.

Have you, by any chance, played any of these games?

Come on…you know you have played a LOT of these…

One unifying characteristic which unites all of these games, in addition to being TOTALLY AWESOME, is the fact that they all had rather intense involvement from the newest member of the Gala Games Family, Craig Matchett.

Craig has been working in game development for some time and specializes in 3d asset creation. When asked about video game creation, he says: “I find it rewarding to bring worlds to life that you can explore and interact with.”

The news of a hire of Craig’s caliber was mentioned in the Gala Gold Discord today, and it was the games that made all the difference. From those who spoke of an avid love of Tropico to those who love newer Bethesda titles like The Outer Worlds, there was a great deal of excitement from the community.

Some of Craig’s work from his Artstation

While the art style of Mirandus is quite different from some of his recent work, there is no doubt that his skills will be put to good use building out the world of Mirandus.

When asked to describe his work in one sentence, he told CreativePool that it is: The result of a natural sensibility of shape and color with an obsessive view towards research and discovery.

This ethos will fit in perfectly with Michael McCarthy’s research-heavy art creation process. It is the little details that make a design stand out in the mind of the player, and Craig’s 3d work is peerless.

He will also fit in perfectly with the rest of the Gala Games team as an avid gamer. While he says it would be misleading to just pick ONE favorite game, he has a soft spot for Metal Gear Solid.

We welcome Craig, and we can’t wait to see the mark he will leave on Mirandus as it grows!

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