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2 min readMar 26, 2021

It is a well known fact that Gala Games knows nodes. We have known for a long time that nodes are crucial to the success of any decentralized network. But there are other blockchains and networks out there that share our vision of a decentralized future. One of them is PAC Global, the “Masters of Node.”

In a unique partnership that only nodebringers like Gala and PAC Global could achieve, we’re excited to work with this awesome network by running some of their master nodes, and in trade, they will be running some of ours. In this cooperative node exchange program, Gala will be able to contribute to one of the world’s most powerful and secure masternode networks. And of course, like all of our node operators, PAC will be supporting the future of Gala Games in a similar fashion by running a few of our nodes.

What is PAC Global?

PAC Global is a network built with cutting edge blockchain tech that uses both proof-of-stake and deterministic masternodes. This special combination allows the PAC network to allow instant, secure and low-cost transfers, which means that its users can enjoy fast and free transactions. This powerful network was built as a solution for consumers, merchants and business enterprises as a low-cost means of getting the fullest benefits from blockchain technology without any of the hassle.

PAC Global’s wallets are incredibly simple to use and compatible with most operating systems as well as mobile devices. This is all part of the company’s mission to make PAC Global the “people’s platform for transactional and data transmissions and immutable record keeping.”

PAC Global has tons of plans to look forward to in 2021, the details of which you’ll find in their 2021 ROAD MAP. After launching PACsafe in February, their next big release in Q2 is the YAN Network, which will integrate InterPlanetary File Sharing (IPFS) technology to effectively decentralize storage of data on the masternode network. Next after that is YanDNA, PAC’s first IPFS product release and a user-friendly file storage solution similar to Dropbox. In Q3 of this year, PAC Global will even launch their own NFTs.

Please join us in welcoming PAC Global to the Gala Games family. These masters of node will certainly love what we are doing at Gala by revolutionizing the world of gaming, and we will pay close attention to their innovative leaps and bounds in the worldwide blockchain industry.

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