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4 min readApr 20, 2021

As most of the gamers in the Gala Games ecosystem know, gaming in the 21st century has been elevated to an art form. Countless millions of people all over the world see gaming as a way of life. It lifts their spirits and allows them to be part of something epic and beautiful, to push the boundaries of their own skills and imaginations, to feel powerful and important in a world that often ignores each person’s unique value.

Gala Games is proud to be a part of this revolution of empowerment by giving true ownership and control back to the players, and of course, making games. It’s moments like today’s announcement that make us truly love what we do, and we couldn’t do any of it without you, our loyal supporters.

We are ecstatic to announce that we have made an investment into Concept Art House, the most celebrated art production company in the gaming industry today. If you have ever played any of the games from the companies in the image below, then you have already experienced the stunning work of this stellar production company.

A selection of the many hundreds of titles upon which Concept Art House has worked.

With this investment, Concept Art House will partner with Gala Games to bring in some amazing brands, artists, games, and creators into the Gala Games Ecosystem. CAH will also dedicate a fantastic team that will work exclusively with Gala Games in the creation and addition of new games for the Gala Games Ecosystem.

About Concept Art House

Art from an upcoming Gala Games / Concept Art House Project

Since it was founded in 2007, Concept Art House has provided art for some of the most popular and successful game companies in the world. In its storied history, CAH has helped ship over 1000 games, many of which became smash hits and achieved top ratings in iTunes, Google Play, Steam and console marketplaces alike. In 2021, they continue working with cutting edge visionary gaming companies like Gala Games to create art for the greatest games of tomorrow.

Concept Art House is headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area with full production teams in Shanghai and Chengdu, China. The company works with teams in both the east and west to “deliver the best of both worlds — California creativity, with Chinese scalability.”

Concept Art House (CAH) has created art for such notable gaming franchises such as: Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, Game of Thrones: Conquest, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Magic: The Gathering, Marvel: Contest of Champions, NBA 2K series, ROBLOX, PUBG and many, many more.

James Zhang, the founder and CEO has led Concept Art House to become one of the most celebrated art services companies in the gaming industry. Zhang is also a partner at Fifth Era, an early stage tech investment firm and manager of Blockchain Coinvestors, the leading Blockchain VC Fund of Funds. Zhang’s advisory positions span US and China gaming and blockchain space including Bowei- a filecoin ecosystem company, Gamesbeat, Near Protocol — a leader in D-app platform applications, Redemption Games, An Applov’n company, and Tilting Point, a leader in mobile game publishing.

What is Concept Art?

Concept art is a visual presentation of an idea. A concept artist visualizes characters, props, and environments based on specifications from the client. Before a creative project begins full production, concept art is used to set the tone and style of future assets. We set the toll from the start of every project up to development and eventual deployment.”


Gala Games and CAH

With this announcement, Gala Games has made an investment into Concept Art House, gaining their expertise and a massive cache of professional experience. With the partnership, CAH and Gala seek to provide End to End NFT Solutions for the very best brands, artists, and creators in digital entertainment. In addition, CAH will dedicate a purpose built team to support Gala Games on multiple future projects that will be brought into the Gala Games ecosystem for years to come. The two companies’ joining of forces represents a huge and exciting success not only for Gala Games and Concept Art House, but for gamers worldwide who are always hungry for new levels of breathtaking video game experiences.

Stay tuned for more updates about this incredible move, including exclusive releases and NFTs! Thanks for all your support, Gala Games community!

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