Gala Games and Polyient Games Join Forces to Shatter Record with an $800K NFT Sale

Gala Games
3 min readJan 4, 2021


In the world of Mirandus, it’s good to be the King. Over the weekend, Gala Games and Polyient Games negotiated the terms of a sale, which was executed this morning on OpenSea, for the Citadel of the Sun for the upcoming fantasy MMORPG game Mirandus. The Citadel of the Sun is a 1/1 Legendary-tier NFT that comes with its own Kingdom inside of the World of Mirandus.

With the purchase, Polyient Games steps into the role of the main financial layer within the World of Mirandus. In Mirandus, the Polyient Vaults will allow players to safely deposit and store in-game representations of their NFTs and in-game currencies.

In Mirandus, every player will want a space to store valuables they do not have room for in their backpacks. If a player has a deed or building, then they will always have their own storage in-game. However, with a limited quantity of these NFTs available, users will need somewhere to place their valuables so as to not risk them when out adventuring — making the Polyient Vaults an integral component of the player experience in the upcoming virtual world.

Next week, an exclusive auction will begin on OpenSea, during which 10 Majestic-tier vault buildings will be auctioned for Ether (ETH), Gala Token (GALA), and Polyient Games Unity Token (PGU). The vaults themselves will connect with the Polyient DEX and Polyient’s upcoming vault system, allowing holders of the vaults to benefit from Polyient’s innovative liquidity and yield farming solutions, all while providing key, decentralized in-game services to players. This auction will be the next step in the growing partnership between Gala Games and Polyient Games.

“Using the vaults will not be a hard requirement,” says Game Designer Michael McCarthy, “However, to store your excess riches and gear, you will want a chest from a local vault. Building owners will have storage, but since there are a limited number of buildings in Mirandus most players will need to use the vaults. The Polyient Vault system may even allow players to even rent out their items to others.”

Gala Games has been releasing information about Mirandus on a weekly basis on their Mirandus Monday announcements. Recently, they partnered with the Brave Browser, to release a limited-edition Physical NFT on the Brave Store. These NFTs, which sold out quickly, come with an in-game Homestead NFT, of which only 1000 will exist.

“I am extremely excited about Mirandus,” says Gala Games CMO Jason Brink. “McCarthy is a legend in the game development industry and made some of my favorite games, including Arcanum and Farmville 2. I know Mirandus is going to be AMAZING.”

“Since launching Polyient Games in early 2020, we have been leading the charge to develop the NFT asset class as a true alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies,” says Brad Robertson, the Polyient CEO. “Our latest investment in the Gala Games token economy further underlines our commitment to establishing these new standards in the emerging digital economy.”

The sale, executed on OpenSea, was submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest single NFT transaction. Witnessed by prominent blockchain greats this record raises the bar for in-game NFTs moving forward.

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