Gala Game Node Refund Information

Note: This article has been deprecated. Please refer to this article for up-to-date information:

From time to time, people may second-guess their decision to purchase a Gala Game Node. We understand this, and want to accommodate these requests where possible. However, due to the nature of the referral process, this can be problematic.

Therefore, we are implementing the following short-term changes to the node assignment and referral system, pending a full vote from the node operator community on the full distribution schedule and plan.

  1. Full refunds will be offered in GALA for the purchase bracket at which the node was originally purchased within seven days of purchase, no questions asked. This refund will be made to the address from which the purchase was made and another address cannot be substituted.

If you would like to request a refund, please email

  1. Referral points for node purchases will be assigned on the 8th day after a node was purchased. For example, if your referral purchases a node on Monday, the referral points will not reflect in the distribution until the following Tuesday. This is to prevent referral-gaming with node sales and refunds. Note: this will actually make the system much more stable, as most of the “missing points” are due to transactions which were initiated in one day but not confirmed until the next — by pushing everything back a week, this should be eliminated.

This way, we can keep the node ecosystem growing sustainably moving forward into the future. We have listened to the concerns of the community regarding the distribution point allocation, and are in the process of compiling the suggestions which have been presented, and putting them into a digestible format for the community to review and discuss. We thank you for your patience and many wonderful suggestions on how the entire node network can be improved. We are looking forward to the session on node architecture this coming Sunday at GalaCon! Get ready!