Founder’s Node Pricing Update

Gala Games
2 min readSep 21, 2021


To say that the Gala Games ecosystem has been growing by leaps and bounds may be the understatement of the year. Over the last several months, records have been consistently broken, increasingly higher goals have been set, and major worldwide traction has been gained.

With our Founder’s Nodes, we are building the world’s largest decentralized gaming network and essentially redefining the industry. Another word for “decentralized” is “distributed,” and an important part of our node network mission is effective distribution. We want as many dedicated gamers as possible to own licenses and operate Founder’s Nodes, not only for the ongoing rewards they will receive, but for the love of gaming and an honest desire to change the world.

New Pricing Increase Model

As many of you know, Gala Games Founder’s Nodes have always been set to increase in price at the rate of $100 for every 100 node licenses sold (each tier).

Beginning on October 1st (00:00 UTC), each new tier will trigger a $500 price increase instead of $100.

For example, if the current tier has node licenses priced at $17,000, the next tier’s pricing will be $17,500 per node license.

Under this new tier pricing system, node licenses will be capped at a price of $100,000 per node when the final Founder’s Node licenses are sold.

Nodes in Gala Only

In addition to this, we are also going to be moving forward with making the purchase of nodes available in GALA only. We have discussed making this change, ecosystem wide, but we will begin testing with the nodes. This is tentatively scheduled for October 1st, but this will be confirmed closer to the date.

Thank You

We are beyond appreciative to you all for being part of this ecosystem, and of course we will continue to grow, doing our absolute best to revolutionize gaming as you know it. We will always welcome your honest feedback and creative ideas, and we look forward to creating value for this ecosystem for many years to come.

There is a LOT more coming for the Gala Games ecosystem, including new games and new ways to play and earn! Make sure to keep in touch, watch the Discord and get ready for more interesting news! Follow Gala Games on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or in our Discord!