Earn NFTs by Adding Liquidity to the Polyient DEX!

At Gala Games, we are big believers in decentralization. The launch of the Polyient DEX pool by Polyient Games is a great milestone for the decentralization of $GALA trading. We would like to help support this by creating incentives for the Gala Games community to add liquidity to the Polyient DEX!

So, we would like to announce that starting NOW, at the end of each month, we will work with the Polyient Team to release a special NFTs to users who have contributed 1m, 5m, or 10m GALA to the Polyient DEX $GALA/$PGU pool and leave it there for at least 30 days. For the sake of clarity, those who contribute 5m or 10m will receive the NFT for the level beneath them as well.

Each month, users who choose to supply liquidity will receive 1 NFT “piece,” which can be crypto-crafted with the other pieces to form a special NFT with a Legendary-tier rarity within the Gala Games Ecosystem.

The ONLY way to get these NFT pieces is via providing liquidity to the $GALA/$PGU pool — they will not be for sale in the Gala Games store.

Read the step-by-step guide below to find out more about how you can add liquidity to the Polyient DEX!

Step 1 — Visit the Polyient DEX pool page and connect your MetaMask wallet

Navigate to the GALA-PGU liquidity page on the Polyient DEX located here:

Click on “Connect Wallet” in the upper right hand corner and choose MetaMask.

MetaMask will launch and request authorization to connect. Confirm both requests to connect your wallet.

Step 2 — Enter and approve the desired pool amount

To add liquidity to the DEX, you will need to add PGU and GALA to the pool.

If you need to purchase PGU, you can do so using the swap function on the Polyient DEX located here: . After purchasing PGU, return to the beginning of this tutorial to complete the steps to add liquidity.

In the Add Liquidity section of the page, enter the amount of PGU or GALA you would like to add. The interface will automatically calculate the proper amount of tokens need to complete the transaction.

Once you’ve entered the amount you’d like to pool, click on “Approve GALA”.

MetaMask will launch a transaction and ask for your approval to spend your GALA tokens. Click “Confirm” to approve the transaction.

Step 3 — Confirm the supply to complete the transaction

After the previous transaction has been approved, click “Supply” and then “Confirm Supply” to finish adding liquidity. MetaMask will launch a second confirmation that you will need to approve to finalize the transaction.

Congratulations, you’re finished!

You’ve now added liquidity to the GALA-PGU pool and you are now earning fees and rewards on your liquidity.

You can learn more about reward benefits and distribution here:

Managing your liquidity position

To manage your liquidity position, return to the pool page and click your position beneath the pool interface. From here you can add or remove liquidity as well as view the analytics for the pool and your earned fees.

There will be a lot more cooperation between Polyient Games and Gala Games in the future! Join The Gala Games Community in our Discord at or explore our website at to learn more!

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