Awesome Changes Coming to the Gala Games Platform!

We are delighted to announce that today two new major changes go live on the Gala Games Platform tonight!

There are a couple excellent UI changes that will make the lives easier for all Gala Gamers! The first of these is the “Notifications” button in the top-right corner!

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There are also several awesome features! Read below to find out more!

Mint on Demand

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Firstly, the “mint on demand” feature has been implemented. This means that your GALA and NFTs will collect in your Treasure Chest, and you can mint them whenever you would like. These items will not exist on the blockchain until you mint them. However, the most important change means that YOU have control to mint YOUR items and GALA when YOU want them. You even get to choose which items you want to mint, so you don’t have to fill your inventory with items you don’t need unless you want them.

New Signup Flow

Secondly, and this is a HUGE change, the account signup flow has been changed to move the wallet creation part of the journey to a later date, if desired by the user. This means that a user can still collect rewards in their Treasure Chest, can play Town Star, and can participate in the community without going through the wallet creation step. This will make it MUCH easier for YOU to share Town Star with your friends. The more users come to the Gala Games Platform, the better it is for everyone.

What comes next?:

The next improvement that will be coming in the near future will be the node distribution being released from the time-locked distribution. This will mean that you will no longer have to worry about having your node online at a specific time, as long as you have met the minimum requirements for the day. Of course, we recommend you leave your node on all the time, but we realize this isn’t possible for everyone. This change will make it easier for people to get included in the distribution when they come from areas of the world in which time zones make it inconvenient to worry about node connectivity in the middle of the night.

Keep watch for an update on Crypto Crafting soon! It is the final stages of testing, and then we will all feel the ground rumble under the treads of hundreds of CraneBots!

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