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When you have in-game financial needs, one sign will guide you into the safety of the Polyient Vault

Beginning Tuesday, the 19th, five of the ten Majestic 20x40 Polyient Vault “shop deeds” will go on auction via Polyient Games’ storefront and on OpenSea.

Like most other MMORPGs, characters in the game of Mirandus will have limitations on what they can carry. Even though a player might have a number of NFTs attached to their account, their character won’t be able to keep all of them equipped and in inventory — there will be a powerful need for in-game storage of items. This need will be serviced by the Polyient Vault.

“Using the Polyient Vaults will not be a hard requirement,” says Game Designer Michael McCarthy, “However, to store your excess riches and gear, you will want a Vault. Building owners will have storage, but since there are a limited number of buildings in Mirandus most players will need to use the vault. The Polyient Vault system may even allow players to even rent out their items to others.” …

Earlier today the server that authenticates the Gala Game Node Login details suffered a temporary failure. This temporary outage will only impact users who log their nodes off and attempt to log back on. We are hoping that this issue can be resolved within the next 24 hours, but this interruption could continue for several days.

If your node is still logged in, you will continue to support the network. However, if you disconnected from the node network, you will not be able to reconnect until this situation is resolved.

We were planning several interesting Mirandus NFT drops for today, to go along with our other Mirandus Monday announcements, however we have decided to hold off on these until after the login authentication has been resolved and users that desire to connect to the network have done so. …

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The Minotaur King and His Acolytes

Today, in Discord, we promised that today’s Mirandus Monday release would change your perspective on the World of Mirandus. As it turns out, we meant that LITERALLY. Feast your eyes upon the first-person view of the world of Mirandus, in the Hall of the Minotaur King!

“When we think about what it is like to have a real adventure simulator,” says Studio Director Michael McCarthy, “we believe that the only way it can be truly immersive is to make the view first person.”

To be part of the world, you must see it through the eyes of your character. From this perspective, what might be a simple challenge from a top-down perspective, takes on truly monumental proportions. …

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In the world of Mirandus, it’s good to be the King. Over the weekend, Gala Games and Polyient Games negotiated the terms of a sale, which was executed this morning on OpenSea, for the Citadel of the Sun for the upcoming fantasy MMORPG game Mirandus. The Citadel of the Sun is a 1/1 Legendary-tier NFT that comes with its own Kingdom inside of the World of Mirandus.

With the purchase, Polyient Games steps into the role of the main financial layer within the World of Mirandus. …

At Gala Games, we are big believers in decentralization. The launch of the Polyient DEX pool by Polyient Games is a great milestone for the decentralization of $GALA trading. We would like to help support this by creating incentives for the Gala Games community to add liquidity to the Polyient DEX!

So, we would like to announce that starting NOW, at the end of each month, we will work with the Polyient Team to release a special NFTs to users who have contributed 1m, 5m, or 10m GALA to the Polyient DEX $GALA/$PGU pool and leave it there for at least 30 days. …

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We are happy to announce that Polyient Capital, the asset management arm of Polyient, in adding GALA to the decentralized Polyient DEX. Additionally, they are providing liquidity for the GALA-PGU market, with the end goal of supporting other efforts to further expand the GALA token economy within the Polyient Games Ecosystem.

“The team behind Gala Games has a well-established track record of success and is responsible for some of the most popular games in history,” said Eric Kapfhammer, Polyient COO and Head of Polyient Capital. …

Note: We will begin this post in the same way we begin all other posts on the topic. Mirandus is still under development and details explained below may change. When we have details that will not change, they will be marked as such.

So, without further ado, we present The Village of the Farmer!

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A view from inside the Village of the Farmer — A Mirandus Monday (Mal is Awake Edition) Exclusive!

As the year comes to a close, we at Gala Games wanted to give you something really meaty to chew on over the New Year, so feast your eyes upon this view from inside the Village of the Farmer! Here, you can see some crop plots, several 5x5 spaces, the corner of a 10x10 space, and some general street detail and traffic. This scene shows some significant detail about roughly what the SIZE of the world around the player is, and gives some options for how it will function. Crops can be seen, both ready to harvest and mid-planting. …

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Last week, we posted a survey to see what people wanted to learn about for this week’s Mirandus Monday, and the Gala Gamer Community has spoken! While it was pretty evenly spread out, the Homestead took it in end!

Now, before we begin, we need to lay down a few ground rules to make sure everyone has a full understanding. Mirandus is NOT FINISHED. This is very important, because it means that as we move forward, just about anything could change. What will NOT change is the final number of deeds and buildings, etc, which will be available in the game of Mirandus. …

NOTE: While the pricing tiers for nodes remain as described here, please see for pricing at this current moment.

Dec 19th, 2020: Update: Within several minutes of this post going live, the remaining 5 nodes in the $2000 tier were sold, pushing the total number up over 19,301 nodes, and making the price approximately $2300 per node. Shortly, we will be publishing a dashboard that makes the current number of nodes clear.

Original post continues below:

As Gala Games moves to an NFT-based node system, there will be a few changes that come into effect. As of the time of writing, 19,295 nodes have been purchased. In the new pricing structure, the price is going to increase by $100 for each 100 nodes sold. While this is currently going to be a manual function, in the future it is likely that it will be governed by smart contract. In order to make this system balance out nicely, we are retroactively starting the series of step increments at 19,001. …

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In one of their first joint offerings since the recent partnership of the two companies, Gala Games and Splinterlands are preparing to host a Splinterlands tournament of epic proportions. On December 31st, the Great Gala Gala tournament will take place in two portions, each with high-value NFT prizes provided by Gala Games. The entire tournament will be streamed LIVE on the THETA Network. Tournament viewers on THETA will automatically share their upload bandwidth as they watch and earn $TFUEL, or Theta Fuel, which can be used to redeem subscriptions and donations to streamers.

Since May 2018 when Splinterlands began, they have continually led the pack in blockchain games in both daily market activity and daily active players. With a strong mission of Playing-to-Earn and giving asset ownership back to the players, Splinterlands has built an incredible community of loyal players, collectors and investors. …

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